Vision. Passion. Work Ethic. This is how all began.

For almost three decades, Copysystem has been undergoing a remarkable course, experiencing a notable development throughout the Greek territory. All these years, what drives and motivate us to progress in the fast developing world of technology are our people, our customers, partners and the members of our group.

Significant moments of our history.

Our company’s history is full of notable development. We have selected some of our most important milestones that we would like to present to you and share with you:


The first steps towards Copysystem’s establishment has been achieved by Mr. Stelios Vintzilaios, with the opening of the first/initial store in the heart of Athens and particularly in the area of Gizi, based on a small capital but a huge vision in the developing world of Office Machinery in Greece. At this point Copysystem – S. Vintzilaios & CO G.P. is being introduced to the market. 


The innovations that the copying machinery has offered in the fast developing Greek economy have led to the rapid growth of our company. As a result Copy system’s main offices have been transferred to a more spacious modern and complete facility of 300 sq. in the heart of Athens, particularly in the area of Ambelokipi on Liakataion Street, number 30.


In the beginning of 21st century when the transition from analogical to digital copier machinery had occurred, Copysystem comprehended the huge capacities that the new type of machinery had to offer. Copysystem has achieved very strong commercial partnerships with leading companies all around the world and begun to distribute the first Ricoh’s copy machinery, parts and consumables.


Has been a very important year hence the first Ricoh’s color copy machinery appear providing new magnificent capacities and in the same time in a great price. Some of the biggest Greek companies trust Copysystem for the organization of daily documents and information which leads to the growth of the company in the course of years.


The course of the initial company comes to an end and in its place Copysystem Printing Machinery SA is being introduced. The company’s office is being transferred to a new and modern facility of 900 sq. in New Filadelfia.


Copysystem celebrates 25 years from its establishment.

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